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Gashta Sanat Tabriz Company, with over 30 years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing machinery for production lines in the food, pharmaceutical, hygiene, and chemical industries, has initiated its activities. As a pioneer and the foremost manufacturer of the Sweet Packaging and Sealing Thermal Date Printing Machine in various forms, the company has embarked on its journey.In the subsequent years, by producing and supplying various types of date printing and packaging machinery required by industries, Gashta Sanat Tabriz Company expanded its operations and established a substantial presence in the country's industrial sector. Furthermore, the company's involvement in supplying machinery to over 6,700 production units across the country and 410 production units in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Australia, England, the Netherlands, Tajikistan, Armenia, and others, along with providing reliable after-sales services during challenging sanction conditions, has been influential in the packaging and coding domain.Throughout the years, earnest efforts have been made to minimize the concerns of industrialists in this field by providing sincere consultation, a variety of machinery, and robust post-sales services. This way, we aim to contribute modestly to facilitating entrepreneurship, increasing employment, and strengthening the production chain. We express our gratitude for your trust and hope to accompany you on the path of excellence and improvement.


Providing the best solutions

A tool is a practical device that is used for repairs or product production, but is not consumed during the production process.

Amazing designs

Design is the knowledge of creating a plan from a mental, imaginary or realistic image. Design in the specialized sense includes various concepts and applications, therefore, like the word art, it is not possible to express all its aspects with a specific definition.

Fair pricing

Price is the amount of payment or compensation given by one person to another for goods or services. In the modern economy, prices are usually expressed in monetary units

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The variety of devices allows you to make the best choice according to your budget

Variety of devices (more than 90 product models)

Production and supply of new and diverse devices according to your needs, equipping a permanent exhibition of machines with a variety of more than 90 device models in a space of 400 square meters.

Service before and after sales

Providing real services and guarantees, strong support and reliable after-sales services to more than 6500 production units across the country, technical support department with expert and experienced staff to provide repair and installation services

Strong work history and resume

More than 2 decades of activity in the packaging industry and continuous participation in more than 120 international exhibitions across the country since 1377 until now.

History of Gesta Sanat Tabriz

"Goshta Sanat Tabriz Company was established in 1995 with the aim of producing the required machinery for the food, pharmaceutical, and hygiene industries in Tabriz. Leveraging its 35 years of technical knowledge and experience in this field, the company achieved a significant milestone by introducing the first thermal date-coding machine in Iran and supplying it to domestic industries.From its inception, Goshta Sanat Tabriz's policy has been centered around self-sufficiency in the printing and packaging industries, aiming to prevent the outflow of foreign currency for procuring machinery in these sectors. Consequently, the company has consistently worked towards enhancing the quality of its machinery and products. Presently, Goshta Sanat Tabriz functions as a machinery manufacturing unit with divisions producing various packaging machines, shrink packers, sorters, date-coding and sealing machines, industrial drafting, as well as trading new and second-hand machinery.Goshta Sanat Tabriz has expanded its service coverage and technical support by establishing branches in cities like Mashhad, Isfahan, Tehran, Shiraz, and northern regions under the name 'Goshta Sanat'. However, regrettably, due to the misuse of the name 'Goshta Sanat Tabriz' by these branches, the centralized customer support and after-sales services are provided in coordination with the Tabriz headquarters.Currently, the reason for the prominence of Goshta Sanat Tabriz lies in its collaboration with over 2000 production units in the food, hygiene, and pharmaceutical industries across the country. The company has also succeeded in exporting its products to countries such as Turkey, Iraq, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and South Africa. This success has driven the company's dedication to enhancing product technology, maintaining high quality through the utilization of premium raw materials and adherence to global standards."


Gstasanat Tabriz

Providing the best solutions

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Amazing designs

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